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Clever Touchscreen TENS


The 789tens Clever Touchscreen TENS features an easy-to-read touchscreen control panel, 2 independently-controlled channels, and it is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery.  This TENS unit offers 12 modes, an adjustable auto-shutoff timer, a Pause/Resume safety feature, a Lock/Unlock safety feature, and a battery level indicator.  The Clever Touchscreen TENS has been designed for maximum versatility because, its simple icons make it easy to choose a mode, and it can be used with many of our TENS accessories to focus on specific problem areas.  In addition to a user guide, accessories included are: 2 Double TENS Cables, 2 pairs of Standard TENS Pads, a Clever Touchscreen TENS USB/AC Charger and cable, and a 789tens water resistant pouch. 

The included 789tens TENS Slippers make it easy to slide tired feet into relief, they can help to stimulate circulation, and they can be used with most TENS cables that fasten by snap-on or pin-insert.  This pair of slippers has adjustable width bands, it can be used with the 789tens Clever Touchscreen TENS unit, and it is durable enough to use every day.  The 789tens TENS Slippers can help soothe sore feet, aid in workout recovery, and they may be an effective option for improving circulation. 

789tens TENS units are FDA-cleared, 789tens is an FDA-registered company, and our partnering TENS manufacturers are also registered with the FDA.  Please check out "789tens and the FDA" for details.

 All 789tens TENS units are covered by our Lifetime Warranty.  Please check out "789tens Lifetime Warranty" for details.

TENS Specifications

Model number = 7t212si

Number of channels = 2

Number of modes = 12

Levels of strength = 20

Auto-shutoff timer = adjustable, default is 20 minutes

Battery = Rechargeable Lithium-ion

Approximate battery usage = Up to 10 hours per full charge

Unit dimensions = 2.56 W x 5.03 L x 0.5 H in

Unit weight = 93g

Boxed unit and accessories = 370g, 5.56 W x 3.81 L x 2.63 H in

Made in China

TENS Slippers Specifications

Dimensions = 4.5 W x 10.5 L x 0.75 H in + adjustable width (dimensions are for each slipper)
Note: it is ok if feet are longer or shorter than the slippers.
Weight = 190g
Made in China

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