789tens® Wireless TENS

789tens® Wireless TENS
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The 789tens Wireless TENS features convenient wire-free TENS therapy, the settings are controlled by remote, and it is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery.  This TENS unit offers 6 modes, a 20-minute auto-shutoff timer, and a Pause/Resume safety feature.  The 789tens Wireless TENS has been designed for maximum convenience, simple and easy use, and it can provide several hours of relief from back pain, tight shoulders, and hip discomfort.  Accessories included are 2 pairs of Wireless TENS Pads, and a Wireless TENS USB/AC Charger and cable.

 789tens TENS units are FDA-cleared, 789tens is an FDA-registered company, and our partnering TENS manufacturers are also registered with the FDA.  Please check out "789tens and the FDA" for details.

 All 789tens TENS units are covered by our Lifetime Warranty.  Please check out "789tens Lifetime Warranty" for details.

Model number = 7tw6r1 (SM9180)

Number of channels = 1

Number of modes = 6

Levels of strength = 10

Auto-shutoff timer = 20 minute

Battery = Rechargeable Lithium-ion

Approximate battery usage = Up to 10 hours per full charge

Unit dimensions = 7.5 W x 3.5 L x 0.7 H in (dimensions include pads)

Boxed  unit and accessories = 390g, 8.88 W x 5.25 L x 2.25 H in

Remote dimensions = 4.0 x 1.19 x 0.44 H in

Weight of device = 120g (including pads)

Weight of remote = 21g (includes battery)

Range of remote = 30ft (10m)

Remote's power = lithium battery #CR2032 (included)

Color of unit = blue and white

Color of remote = white

Made in China


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2018-11-17 Deb Nakata
Convenient and effective...

I recently bought this at an event while visiting Hawaii and have to say it has worked wonders for my back pain. I travel a lot for work and have been using this on all of my flights. It has made my back and my trips much more comfortable :)

2018-02-24 Cathy M
Works great!

This has been helping ease my sciatica pain. The settings are simple to control and it is very powerful. So far so good.

2017-10-09 Naomi W
Awesome for my back!

Very easy to use, discreet to wear and most importantly it works great!

2017-08-24 Linda
Very impressed with the product

We already had another tens unit before I got this, though my husband does not like the wires. The remote makes it easy to use on the go. Shipping was fast and free. Customer service was excellent, no hassle, no pressure, and answered all questions professionally. Thank you 789tens!

2017-08-24 Rob P
Great for back pain, discreet and easy to use

Working in construction I often get back pain. This device is great for targeting those areas when I get sore. I can use this and nobody even knows I have it on. It definitely has more power than I need, and so far the battery has lasted a really long time between charges. A great buy!

2017-08-20 Anthony71
I love the 789tens wireless unit!

I have used TENS units for many years due to my chronic back pain. The only downside for me has always been all the cables. I like how this unit is wireless and simple to use! It has been great to take with me when I travel and has helped a lot with my back pain. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for back pain relief!

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